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Bandolero™  compact high-capacity autosampler

For the price of one  PAL™ autosampler (or Shimadzu AOC 6000, Gerstel MPS) you can buy a dozen Bandolero autosamplers. Use one Bandoleroin the lab on the GC and use the other 11 Bandolero autosamplers in the field for automated sample collection 24/7. Autosamplers are cheaper by the dozen.

The Injectorr™ method eliminates the syringe in GC injections. Sample flows directly from the needle to the sample loop. Contamination is efficiently purged with minimal use of sample.

The  Bandolerocan be mounted vertically for headspace sampling

The Field Bandolerouses the same belts as the Bandolero in the lab.

The BandoleroX10  uses trays that can accommodate other size vials. It can be used in the lab on the GC and in the field to collect samples.

For purchases within the United States, the Bandoleroprice includes tax and shipping so it remains below your $5000 limit on credit card purchases!

Bandolero™  Autosampler .....................$4995

X10  Bandolero Autosampler...............$1995

Bandolerobelts ....................................$65

X10 trays..................................................$65

The Injectorr™ method provides perfect flushing between samples so there is absolutely no carryover. Minimal amount of sample is used leaving enough sample for do-overs and other analysis (e.g. stable isotope analysis). Belts can hold hundreds of samples. It is not just for Exetainers! Automated sampling of gas bags flasks and bottles is easy with the Bandolero!  Large sample containers can be used with the Bandolero to collect in the field and analyze in the lab.

In 10 minutes you can set it up a Bandoleroand start running samples. .It does not require a trained technician to set up and run. There is no 'installation' to do. There is no programming to do. There is no routine maintenance required. You will never change another GC septum! It is configured to work with all major brands of Gas Chromatograph and can be customized for other tubes up to 50ml. It can also be used to automate sampling in the field. For 2017 I am introducing a dedicated field sampling model of the Bandolero™   One Field Autosampler can connect to 6 sampling locations through a multiplex valve system. It is small and light so it is easy to ship anywhere in the world.

Compare Bandolero™  with  PAL™  installation and maintenance:

Bandolero™ : Just plug it in and start using it
Bandolero™ : < $5000

PAL™ : Assemble it, install software, program movements. (60 page User Guide)
PAL™ : Replace GC septa, replace syringes, replace bungee cords
PAL™ : Requires a trained technician
PAL™ : > $30,000

For the price of a  PAL™ you can buy a dozen Bandolero™ autosamplers. Use the Lab Bandolero™ on the GC and use the Field  Bandoleros™ for automated sample collection 24/7.

Typical use: sampling Exetainers or Vacutainers for a GC (Shimadzu, Agilent, SRI, VICI ).



$2000 Autosampler

This autosampler has a capacity of 10 samples. Trays hold 10 vials (Exetainers, 10ml, 20ml Headspace Vials). You don't need a trained technician to set it up and run. You will no longer be a slave to your GC for manual injections. It will free you to get on with productive work. For use on a GC in the lab or to collect samples in the field,

X10  Bandolero Autosampler......$2000

extra trays.....................................$65





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Trays for Exetainers (PAL, PAL3, CTC, Leap, AOC), holds 50 tubes

Tray: Specify PAL or PAL3, Specify 6ml or 12ml Exetainers ..........$224

Or specify Vacutainers

Lock-Down Lid for 50 tube Trays..................$49





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Computer Controlled Motorized Valves

 interface and behavior of the valves can be customized.


Manifold 12 port Rotary Selection Valve: Multiplex 12 sources to one autosampler.

Use one instrument or autosampler with 12 sources. 12 ports in and 1 port out  ..............$995 


Rotary 4 way Valve: bypass flow to a sensor or sampler.




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Exevacuatorr™  chamber for evacuating Exetainers™    Youtube Video

This is the only way to completely evacuate screw cap Exetainers™. This will eliminate leaks and extend shelf life. Achieve higher vacuum in less time. The Exetainer™ is put in the vacuum chamber and evacuated with it's cap loose then the cap is sealed tight while still in vacuum. This is the only way you can evacuate screw cap Exetainers™ without puncturing the septum with a needle. It works with 12ml and 6ml Exetainers™ Buy a second top half for 100% efficient use of your time. While the first is being evacuated, the second one can be unloaded and reloaded with the next set of Exetainers™!

7 tube Exevacuatorr™ Chamber........$395

a second top half ..............$195



Manifold 10 port vacuum valve: 1 valve open/closes all 10 channels.

Use for evacuating/purging vials using hypodermic needles

10 tube Manifold valve with 10 ports ..............$195


Evacuation Chamber for Crimp-Cap vials up to 4" tall (including Exetainers)

Use stoppers that have legs. The legs hold the stopper in place without sealing it while it is evacuated. The stopper is pushed closed when evacuation is achieved. This type of stopper is commonly used for lyophylization. In fact this chamber can be used for lyophilizing material in vials and then sealing the vial under vacuum. Fits 12ml and 5.9ml Exetainers

Crimp Exevacuatorr™ Chamber........$195

 Evacuation / Lyophilization Chamber for Crimp Cap Vials......$295

use split stoppers (e.g. Wheaton W224100-408 Bromobutyl septa).  Look at the Labconco Mini Stoppering Chamber on Youtube to get an idea how these work


Bandolero™  can be used in the field

High capacity, compact, low power consumption. A small cooler can hold the Bandolero, data logger, battery, and a hundred or more vials.


Bandolero autosampler mounted in the passenger seat of a Long-EZ aircraft for landscape scale sampling and plume sampling.




Automated Soil Gas Flux Samplers, send an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Let me know your needs.


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Old style manifold: Obsolete! I hope you are not still using one of these!



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